An Honest Review Of The Ford Explorer

An Honest Review of the Ford Explorer

I drove a Ford Explorer for an entire month. In my mind there was no way that a Ford Explorer was going to stand up against what I thought would be a good semi-luxury vehicle. It didn’t have the name draw or the luxury that I thought a Jeep Grand Cherokee or a BMW X5 for example.

After driving a Ford Explorer for the past month I have to say my mind is absolutely completely changed.

Not only did the Explorer meet, it exceeded my expectations and I dare even say what I desired in my next car. The technology that was in the car blew my mind, between the heated/cooled seats with massage capability, the keyless entry and foot activated lift-gate, to the fact that I could plug in my phone and immediately have access and Siri right there. The “Car-play” which is the car version of Apple Air Play was one of my favorite features and one that I’ll be hard pressed to have to go without in the future.

Secondly, the Explorer drove smoother and more naturally than any other car I’ve been in. It rained probably 15 of the 30 days that I drove the car and I never felt anything but safe. The windshield wipers sense the amount of water coming down and adjust to that so I never was distracted by trying to adjust my windshield wipers. There was also a ton of construction around my house, and for two weeks they were repaving the main road I take to get to work. I could barely tell there was uneven pavement where I was driving, and it wasn’t loud driving on it either.

The look and size of the car are perfect for driving around town or packing a bunch of people in to go to a game. It has more cargo space than I need and it’s definitely a car I would choose if we had kids because it has the rear vents as well! My consensus of the car – I love it. The technology, the ease of driving, the feeling of safety, and the overall comfort get a 10/10 in my book!

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